My Big #ocTEL Question

“Reflecting on your own work experience and ambitions for developing your teaching, what is the most important question about TEL for you?”

I don’t do any formal teaching. I work with people who teach, helping to support & develop their use of technologies in their teaching activities. My big TEL related question is how do we take advantage of the everyday? Why do so many people who use technologies so much in their everyday life – shopping, consuming news, communicating with family and friends, finding information etc etc. not use & take advantage of the same technologies to the same level in their core work activities of teaching (& in HE, research)? How can we close this gap?


One thought on “My Big #ocTEL Question

  1. Sue Barnes

    Hi Matt
    Your question “how do we take advantage of the everyday? ” is a good one. There certainly seems to be a reluctance in academia to go along with the ‘everyday’. Is there an assumption that the ‘everyday’ is not good enough as we sit in an ivory tower in HE/ Research activities?

    Thanks for putting a link to my blog on your blog page. Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of my own blogging. I have volunteered to be a tutor this week on ocTEL and have got very carried away with seeing what everyone else is up to. It is fascinating.


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